Arrests, Detention and Incarceration

Our overseas Missions will make every effort to ensure that Seychellois arrested or detained overseas are given non-judgmental and professional support if they are detained, arrested or incarcerated (imprisoned).

Consular assistance to Seychellois nationals under detention primarily includes ensuring that a Seychellois citizen
Receives fair and humane treatment under the local criminal justice system and that they are not penalized, discriminated against or denied justice because of their nationality. However, our Missions cannot seek preferential treatment or interfere with the judicial process of another country.

Is accorded fair and humane treatment in accordance with the local laws.

Is not denied access to a Jamaican Consular Officer, his/her lawyers and those who have a legitimate right to have access to him/her.

Is not denied legal aid to which he/she may be entitled to under the local laws
Is directed to NGOs and other organizations which may be able to assist them with welfare matters and legal counsel.

What can our Consular Officer assist in?
Notify your family of the detention or arrest and provide details made available by the local authorities.
Obtain information about the status of your case.
Assist in obtaining information on the local judicial and prison systems.
Provide you and your family with a list of local lawyers, if available.
Assist in arranging prison visits for your family. Arrange for consular visits to the detention center or prison facility, provided that there is a Jamaican mission in that country.
Facilitate the transfer of funds to the detained person if other means are unavailable (only if such remittance is permitted by prison authorities).Ensure that medical problems, if any, are brought to the attention of the prison authorities.
Address any justified complaint about ill treatment or alleged discrimination with the prison authorities.
Facilitate repatriation or deportation after your release.
What can our Consular Officer not assist in?
Pay your medical, hospital, legal, accommodation, travel or other bills.
Provide loans or cash your cheques.
Post bails or pay fines on your behalf.
Intervene in the judicial process of a foreign country or ignore local laws.
Provide legal advice or initiate court proceedings on your behalf.
Act as the Jamaican’s guarantor or sponsor.
Arrange for your accommodation or employment.
Provide translation, mail-forwarding, telephone, fax or other personal services.
Preventing your removal from the country once you have been ordered deported.

Arrest & Detention while visiting Seychelles
Seychelles laws may differ from those of the country where you are from. Unfortunately, you may find yourself in a situation where you are arrested or detained in Seychelles.
– Before travelling to Seychelles, please ensure that you know the contact information for the Embassy, High Commission or Consulate of your country.
– Please ascertain the level of assistance your government will be willing to give you in the case you get arrested or detained while visiting Seychelles
Our Consular Officers can assist you with
Contacting your government representative
Contacting your next-of-kin