Consular and Diaspora Affairs

The Consular and Diaspora Affairs Division, in addition to providing a consular service to Seychellois and foreign nationals, is also responsible for the promotion and protection of the rights and interests of Seychellois abroad and exploring the possible contributions of the Diaspora.

The Division comprises two sections.

Consular Affairs

The Consular Affairs section is responsible for all consular services provided to Seychellois and foreign nationals. These include visa matters, authentication of documents, issuance of Seychelles Diplomatic and Official passports, and consular assistance to Seychellois abroad.

The section is also responsible for overseeing the network of Seychelles’ Honorary Consuls across six continents.

Diaspora Affairs

The Diaspora Unit is responsible for promoting the interests of Seychellois nationals abroad; engaging and interacting with them by facilitating their queries and providing the necessary support in connecting further with Seychelles.

Ms. Myrna Hoareau

Director General

The staff of the Division and their responsibilities

Ms. Shirley Low Meng



(+248) 4283614

Ms. Juana Alcindor

First Secretary


(+248) 4283512

Mr. Travis Payet

Second Secretary


(+248) 4283583

Ms. Therèse Onezia

Third Secretary


(+248) 4283603

Ms. Corinne Rose

Third Secretary


(+248) 4283549

Ms. Nissa Payet

Senior Office Asistant


(+248) 4283584