Death, Severe Injury and Critical Illness

Death, Severe Injury and Critical Illness

Death and Repatriation of remains

In the unfortunate event that a Seychelles national has passed away in a foreign country, we can:

Provide the family with information about the necessary conditions and procedures that have to be followed in order for the remains to be repatriated.

Provide details of local Funeral Agents.

Bring family members into contact with key persons or organizations dealing with the repatriation.

However, we cannot:

Pay any bills or give money from public funds to settle payments

Take charge of the repatriation

Family members that are repatriating the remains of a loved one are advised to consult with the Department of Foreign Affairs, Seychelles Embassies or Seychelles Consulates about the local repatriation procedures as conditions for repatriation vary from country to country. We also ask that the local repatriation procedures and conditions are respected.

Severe Injury or Critical Illness

What our Consular Staff can do

Liaise with the hospital administration to ascertain the details surrounding the occurrence

Make hospital visit(s) where possible and report on progress of injured loved one

Contact your family and friends to inform them of your situation

Initiate contact with your insurance provider about your situation

Safeguard your important documents and other valuables

Receive and deliver to you remittances of funds from your family and friends

Provide a list of English-speaking lawyers 

What our consular staff cannot do

Pay medical bills for hospital stay

Provide accommodation for you when you leave hospital

Pay your airfare back to Jamaica

Resolve issues you may have with your insurance carrier

Intervene with the authorities if there is an ongoing investigation

Provide translation services