One of the objectives of Seychelles’ Foreign Policy is to promote and protect the rights and interests of Seychellois abroad, respond to citizens in distress and, in addition to its consular service, explore the contributions of the Diaspora.

The Government of Seychelles fully recognises the importance of harnessing the valuable potential of its diaspora and devising collaborative strategies to involve diaspora members in various socio-economic projects.

Diaspora Unit

The Diaspora Unit was set up in July 2021 to promote the interest of the Seychellois nationals abroad, engage and interact with them by facilitating their queries and provide the necessary guidance in connecting further with Seychelles.

The Unit has dedicated a hotline, an email address for the diaspora, and a Facebook page with regular updates on relevant information of national interest.


Seychellois nationals abroad are invited to register their details with the Foreign Affairs Department.

Registration is voluntary, and all information recorded remains strictly confidential. It will not be released for any other purpose or to any third parties unless written authorisation is provided by you or when such disclosure is permitted by law.

The purpose of the information gathered will allow the Foreign Affairs Department to know its diaspora, their profile and where they are. This will allow for a better understanding of what the diaspora has and are willing to offer and what they expect from the government, allowing for a sustainable engagement.

This will allow for an approximate estimation of how many Seychellois living abroad.

The information you provide will also allow us to contact you to ensure that you are safe and, if need be, assist you, especially in the event of a disaster or crisis and for emergency evacuation coordination purposes.


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    Invest in Seychelles

    Seychellois nationals are welcome to invest back in Seychelles, in person or remotely. The Seychelles Investment Board (SIB) has a dedicated desk for the diaspora who wishes to learn more about investing back home. SIB provides guidance to investors as well as post-investment support.