Diplomatic Missions

There are over 100 foreign Diplomatic Missions accredited to Seychelles, 11 of which are resident Diplomatic Missions.

  • 3 are from Europe: France, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, and the United Kingdom
  • 1 is from Africa: Libya
  • 5 are from Asia: China, India, Japan, Russia, Sri Lanka
  • 1 is from the Americas: Cuba
  • 1 from the Middle East: United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Currently, 7 Diplomatic Missions are headed by an Ambassador or High Commissioner (in Commonwealth countries such as India, Sri Lanka and UK). 4 of the Diplomatic Missions are headed by a Chargé d’Affaires (Libya, China, Japan and UAE).

The longest serving Ambassador is H.E. Mrs. Alessandra Francesca Azais, Ambassador of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps.