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Meeting with the Seychellois diaspora in Perth, Australia

Meeting with the Seychellois diaspora in Perth, Australia


On Saturday, 6 August 2022, Ms Myrna Hoareau, Principal Counsellor for Consular and Diaspora Affairs, held a first meeting with the Seychellois Diaspora living in Perth, Australia.

The meeting was attended by nearly 50 Seychellois nationals, including members of the Seychellois Association in Perth, an association of the Seychellois community in Perth that is actively engaged in social and cultural activities.

The meeting was an opportunity for Principal Counsellor Hoareau to inform those present about the work of the Diaspora Unit and its efforts to engage with the diaspora.  It was also an opportunity for Seychellois to express their aspirations and concerns. 

A renewed call was made for Seychellois to register their details on the Foreign Affairs Department’s website (https://www.mfa.gov.sc/eregistration)  and to initiate a conversation with the Diaspora Unit of the Ministry.

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