Human Resources, Budget Management and Administration

The Human Resources, Budget Management and Administration Division is responsible for managing the assets of the Department. Foremost, it sees its employees as the greatest assets, followed by all equipment and buildings. Its task is to ensure the staff are provided with a conducive working environment, to ensure productivity and performance are met. It also oversees the allocated budget, which needs to be managed effectively and efficiently.

The Division comprises two sections.

The Human Resources Section

This section focuses on the most important asset of the Department, namely its employees. It is responsible for human resource planning to ensure that the Department has the correct number of employees with the necessary qualifications, knowledge, skills and competencies to meet the strategic objectives of the Department. This involves managing the employees’ life cycle, from recruitment, on-boarding, training and development, discipline and grievances, administering employee pay and benefits, all the way to firing or exit of the employees. It also forecasts future staffing needs and plays a key role in succession planning, to guarantee that a pool of talent is readily available at all times.

The Administration and Support Section

This section provides administrative support to the Department. It is also responsible for procuring, maintaining and disposing of assets. It is also responsible for providing a clean, safe and conducive working environment. This includes, but is not limited to, maintenance of buildings, aircon maintenance, beautification and landscaping.

Ms. Selma Germaine

Director General