Legal Affairs

The Section is headed by the Legal Adviser and falls within the Secratriat of the Principal Secretary. It specializes in International Law and related disciplines. It is the custodian of all originals of bilateral agreements concluded by Seychelles and all official texts or certified copies of multilateral or international agreements or treaties to which Seychelles is party.  It oversees the national procedure for the negotiation and execution of treaties /treaty approval, which includes presentations to the Cabinet and tabling of treaties to the National Assembly of Seychelles. It also oversees the registration of treaties with international organizations, when required, and other notifications concerning signature, ratification, accession, withdrawal, etc.

The Section takes part in the drafting of Bills, especially those which are required for the legal implementation of international conventions,  to which Seychelles is party.

It also provides assistance and/or guidance in the drafting of treaties under negotiation to ensure that they are written in accordance with correct international practices and that they reflect the interest and are in compliance with the laws of Seychelles. The same may apply to Memorandums of Understanding and  other similar non-legally binding legal instruments of relevance.

It participates in the preparation of national reports under international treaties, especially treaties related to the protection of human rights.

It holds the responsibility to transmit international requests for assistance in legal matters (MLAs) to the Office of the Attorney General of Seychelles from foreign countries and vice versa.

Ms. Sandra Michel

Legal Advisor