Press release

A call for peaceful elections

October 20, 2020

The observers of the Eastern Africa Standby Force election observer mission (EASF-EOM) is expected to be released from quarantine on 22nd October in time to observe the first day of the special voting in designated polling stations. The EASF-EOM will be guided by the AU charter on Elections, Democracy and Governance and by the code of conduct for election observers released by the Seychelles Electoral Commission in September this year. This international election observer mission consists of observers from Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda. The observers are from the civil society sector, media, peace and security. The mission is fully funded by the EASF.

The EASF election observers will be observing polling on 22nd, 23rd and 24th of October. On 24th of October, the observers will be deployed in four teams to obsrve the proceess in all the polling station on the main Island.

During the quarantine period, the Eastern Africa Standby Force election observer mission (EASF-EOM) has held virtual meetings with local stakeholders like the Seychelles Media Commission, local observer group, candidates and will continue to engage with other stakeholders in the coming days. The EASF-EOM commends the Election Commission for the work they are doing in ensuring an effective and smooth election process. The mission has also observed high level of political maturity and mutual respect by all the candidates during the first ‘live’ presidential debate. This shows the evolving and flourshing democracy in the country. EASF urges the candidates to maintain such respect and tolerance throughout the election process.

The EASF calls on voters to actively engage and carry out their civic obligation and constitutional duty by voting in the general elections. EASF is appealing to the citizens to maintain the peaceful environment, adherence to the rule of law and to promote respect and tolerance throughout the elections.

The EASF will issue a preliminary statement based on the objective assessment of the process on Sunday 25th October, 2020.