Press release

A Determined Island Voice: Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosts successful Open Day

April 23, 2014

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted its fourth Open Day themed ‘Seychelles-A Determined Island Voice;’ that is testament to the robust political will and diplomatic efforts in projecting Seychelles’ voice on the international arena and championing the cause of development for other Small Island Developing States.

This year’s Open Day highlighted the work that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does by giving members of the public an insight into how the workings of the Ministry influences their lives in subtle yet vital ways.

Some of the main topics exhibited this year were:

  • The structure of the United Nations with specific focus on the Security Council in view of Seychelles’ own bid for seat as a non-permanent member of the Security Council,
  • The ‘Blue Economy’ and its importance to insular small island nations such as Seychelles,
  • Human Rights
  • Small Island Developing States and Climate Change
  • Regional Integration
  • Maritime Security


The Open Day this year coincides with the Biennial Consular Conference and as such Seychelles’ Consuls present took the opportunity to tour the exhibition of the Open Day at Maison Quéau de Quinssy.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jean–Paul Adam officially launched the Open Day reiterating what encompasses the meaning of the chosen theme “A determined island voice’ cannot simply be an isolated cry for help or a shout for assistance.  It is rather a collection of opinions and voices that together unite to focus our efforts.  No individual can be eclipsed in this voice- there is always room for many views. But as whole, it is a reflection of the ambitions of the Seychellois people- and a wider reflection of what it means to be an islander on what is essentially a ‘blue planet”

Minister Adam further noted that Seychelles is fundamentally connected to the world in a global family of nations and strives to further foster these connections. The Minister affirmed that this connectivity was both a source of vulnerability and for strength stating “We are the most likely to be affected by global tremors- but we can also bounce back the quickest.  Our own experience in rebounding from the global financial crisis or in tackling piracy provides an evident example.”

Minister Adam commented on Seychelles’ bid for a non-permanent seat on the Security Council as a core feature of the Open Day. He asserted that although such a bid would require a greater commitment of resources, the additional resources would mainly be in the form of human capital. “Investments in human capital are at the core of sustainable development for Small Island Developing States” said the Minister.

In the context of the United Nations Security Council bid, the Minister noted that Seychelles was determined to be proactive in its approach to international relations and furthermore has the responsibility to be a strong and determined voice for those voices that are often marginalised.

The Principle Secretary For Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Maurice Loustau-Lalanne also addressed the dignitaries, and took the opportunity to thank all the Consuls present for their tireless efforts in promoting the Seychelles and acting as defenders and promoters of her foreign policy abroad.