Press release

A new Voice for a determined Island Nation

January 15, 2014

Seychelles will have a new voice in the world’s media with the development of an online communications project this year. As 2014 kicks off under the banner International Year of Small Island Developing States: Seychelles – A Determined Island Nation, the Department of Information is developing a project to provide the first Seychelles online news service called the ‘Seychelles News Agency’ this year.

The Seychelles News Agency is tasked with the mission to create awareness of the Seychelles and its people in the global community, and position Seychelles regionally and internationally as a Small Island Developing State with a unique experience of social, economic and cultural development.

The Seychelles News Agency will have a website with an online text and photo news service in English and French which will be set up and managed by two co-Editors, Rassin Vannier and Sharon Uranie, who are professional Seychellois journalists with extensive experience in Seychelles news reporting and international news writing.

They will be working with freelance journalists in Seychelles and the Indian Ocean region to provide the latest news and  information on Seychelles to world with the aim of becoming  the leader in Seychelles online news distribution and cultural diplomacy.

The project was initiated by the Honorary Consul for Seychelles in Bulgaria, Mr. Maxim Behar, who owns and manages a leading PR and Social Media corporation M3 Communications Group, Inc. He presented the idea to President James Michel and offered to make the concept and software development a donation to the Seychelles, during his visit to Seychelles in November 2013. The Seychelles News Agency Co-Editors and M3 Communications Group are currently developing the project, which is expected to be completed by April.


*Office of the President