Press release

Accreditation of Ambassador Samson as Permanent Representative to the European Union

December 24, 2018

Ambassador Beryl Samson presented her Letter of Credence to His Excellency, Mr Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, during a ceremony held on Tuesday 18th December, at the Europa Building in Brussels, Belgium.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ambassador Samson conveyed warm wishes on behalf of President Danny Faure towards His Excellency, Mr Donald Tusk.

She further expressed the heartfelt appreciation and gratitude of the people of Seychelles for the various support conferred by the European Union, notably on high impact projects such as the extension of the Port Victoria. Other matters discussed included the interim Economic Partnership Agreement (iEPA), climate change, the conventional GDP per capita categorization, fisheries and non-cooperative tax jurisdiction. Ambassador Samson also welcomed negotiations between the EU and member states of the African Carribean Pacific (ACP) Group which includes Seychelles on the establishment of a new partnership agreement beyond 2020 and further reiterated Seychelles’ position on the post-2020 agreement negotiation.