Press release

Accreditation of Ambassador Samson to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

March 8, 2019

February 17, 2019 marked 30 years since Seychelles and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg established diplomatic relations.

It is in this commemorative spirit that the 4th Seychelles’ Ambassador to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, H.E. Ambassador Beryl SAMSON presented her Letter of Credence to His Royal Highness the Grand Duke HENRI, on 28th February 2019, at the Royal Palace, in Luxembourg-city.

The Ambassador Samson and His Royal Highness the Grand Duke exchanged congratulatory messages on the occasion, emphasizing their traditionally friendly and trustworthy bilateral ties. Both sides expressed confidence that even though our engagement has been limited, the accumulated experience of our productive cooperation thus far will continue to be a solid base for our two countries’ partnership to blossom in the field of economic and trade, investment, transfer of technology and know-how (Education), environment and the SDGs in general. Discussions between the two parties focused primarily on the issues of the blue economy, SIDs, ocean governance, climate change, renewable energy and the post-Cotonou negotiations with the European Union, a new partnership that will shape Seychelles’ development agenda beyond 2020.

Ambassador Samson also took the opportunity, on behalf of the President of the Republic of Seychelles and its people, to convey the Government’s warm wishes, and deep appreciation and gratitude to the Government of Luxembourg for the continued support accorded to us, throughout our partnership with the European Union, particularly in our engagement with the European Investment Bank (EIB).

Moving forward, both Seychelles and Luxembourg reiterated their wish to deepen their cooperation further, in areas of mutual interest which are yet to be tapped into, for the good and betterment of the Seychellois and the Luxembourgers.