Press release

Accreditation of Seychelles Ambassador to the Republic of Finland

April 8, 2019

The new non-resident Seychelles Ambassador to the Republic of Finland, Ambassador Derick Ally presented his credentials to the Finnish President, Mr Sauli Niinistö in a ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki on Thursday 04 April 2019.

During his audience with President Niinistö, the President acknowledged and thanked Seychelles for its strong commitments to, and leadership in, environmental protection, climate change mitigation and the sustainable use of oceans. He said that the threat posed by climate change should bind all nations and that the whole world should make a concerted effort to fight it. Ambassador Ally thanked the President for all past assistance provided by Finland to Seychelles, either directly or through its contributions to international bodies. He also briefed the President on recent developments in Seychelles and reiterated the precarious positions of small island states like Seychelles due to their vulnerability to external shocks and other adverse factors.

Ambassador Ally also had meetings with high level officials in the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs where he discussed possible cooperation in the fields of the Blue Economy, maritime security, renewable energy, civil aviation, tourism, culture, education and entrepreneurship development. He also visited the Natural Resources Institute Finland where he discussed possible opportunities for capacity building and investment in the aquaculture industry.

On their part, the Finnish authorities submitted three requests for Seychelles’ support for their candidatures to international bodies.

Ambassador Ally was accompanied to his meetings by the Seychelles Honorary Consul in Finland, Ms Marja-Liisa Rosberg.