Press release

Accreditation of Seychelles sixth Ambassador to the Holy See

January 10, 2020

Upon Her Excellency, Ambassador Beryl Samson presentation of her Credentials at the Vatican, His Holiness Pope Francis articulated his wish to promote a culture of dialogue as the pathway, joint collaboration as the conduct and mutual knowledge as the method and criterion to foster human brotherhood as we embrace 2020.

It was in a momentous and solemn ceremony that Ambassador Beryl Samson presented her Letter of Credence to His Holy Father, Pope Francis, held at the Holy See, Vatican City, on Thursday 19th December 2019, few days before Christmas.

During the audience with his Holiness Pope Francis, Ambassador Samson conveyed the warm wishes of the people of Seychelles and that of the President of the Republic to His Holy Father. She also uttered appreciation and gratitude of the Government of Seychelles for the continued support extended by the Holy See to the Republic of Seychelles on bilateral issues as well as multilateral matters of mutual interest.

With a Seychelles population mostly Christian where multi-faith reigns, Ambassador Samson reaffirmed Seychelles commitment to the promotion of tolerance and dialogue, as being preached as a fervent advocate of interreligious dialogue by His Holiness.

Speaking of emerging challenges and threats, Her Excellency highlighted the need; for strong family fabrics, for social justice and human rights, to combat the impacts of climate change collectively and proactively address the proliferation of drug use and social ills in the country. With regards to the society’s aspirations, Her Excellency echoed that it is up to the future generation to build their dreams but equally it is also the responsibility of the current generation to prepare them.

On his turn, Pope Francis extended his thoughts and prayers to the people of Seychelles for; the country’s unity and harmony so that we never experience violence and atrocities; families to become the privileged place; for moral revival; national reconciliation and sent the Holy Spirit on our youth, couples, the public and the country at large. And as we were on the verge of Christmas and New Year, His Holiness conveyed a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Seychellois and asked for Almighty God to fill us abundantly with His Grace.