Press release

Accreditation of the New FAO Regional Representative

December 20, 2013

Mr. Patrice Talla Takoukam presented his credentials to Minister for foreign Affairs, Jean-Paul Adam, as the new FAO Regional Representative accredited to Seychelles,Madagascar, Mauritius, and Comores

Minister Adam was able to express his gratitude to the FAO Director General through Mr. Takoukam. The Minster expressed his appreciation to the fact that the FAO always tries to assist Seychelles. The Republic of Seychelles has been strongly supported in emergency technical assistance, ongoing Agricultural Survey Program, and the Smart Fish Program in collaboration with the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC).

Minister Adam also used the opportunity to note the improvements that have been made by the Government of Seychelles to assist farmers and fishermen.

Mr. Takoukam will be working with local agencies to finalise the country Program Framework, which will create a vivid idea in which areas the FAO will provide assistance to Seychelles.