Press release

Ambassador-designate of PR China Held Discussions with the Seychelles Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism

December 11, 2023

Enhancing the cooperation between Seychelles and the People’s Republic of China was amongst the issues discussed during the meeting between the Ambassador-designate of the People’s Republic of China to the Republic of Seychelles, H.E Mrs. LIN Nan, and the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism, Mr. Sylvestre Radegonde, on Monday 11th December 2023 at Maison Quéau de Quinssy.

During the meeting, Minister Radegonde expressed the deep appreciation of the Government of Seychelles for the various support that China has provided since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries in June 1976. “China and Seychelles have always treated each other with respect and have collaborated with each other on issues of mutual interests”, stated the Seychelles Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism. He also seized the opportunity to discuss the status of on-going projects as well as future cooperation.

During the discussions, H.E. Mrs. Lin Nan conveyed China’s solidarity to the Government and the people of Seychelles regarding the recent disaster as well as China’s support in the recovery efforts of the country. She also expressed China’s appreciation regarding Seychelles’ position on the One China Policy and the continuous support for her country’s candidatures to various international organisations. She agreed that the two countries need to work closer together to increase Chinese visitors to Seychelles as well as facilitating connectivity between China and Seychelles.

During the meeting, the two diplomats also discussed issues related to Small Island Developing States, including the Multidimensional Vulnerability Index (MVI).