Press release

Ambassador Faure receives the Director of EASF

April 9, 2019

The Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs and of the Blue Economy, Ambassador Faure, has had the pleasure to meet with the Director of the Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF), Dr. Abdillahi Bouh on 8 April. At the meeting, both took the opportunity to express their gratitude for the continuous mutual support. Ambassador Faure further thanked Dr. Bouh for the opportunities of key roles the EASF has provided Seychellois with, such as the Head of Mission in the recent presidential election in the Comoros. He reaffirmed the Director that Seychelles will continue to support and strengthen the cooperation with the EASF.

Dr. Bouh on his part thanked Seychelles to have sent qualified personnel to work with the EASF. He remains thankful also for Seychelles’ participation in the trainings and workshops that the EASF has been providing. The Director additionally stated that in line with promoting the Blue Economy, the EASF is aiming to strengthen the maritime security of its member states.

During the Director’s visit, the EASF will be organising a two-week course on Maritime Operation Planning for its member states. The course will take place at the Seychelles Defence Academy (SDA) at Ile Perseverance on 8 to 19 April. The aim is to instruct participants on how to effectively plan different types of maritime operations.