Press release

Ambassador Faure’s Keynote Address at the Launching of the Seminar on Human Rights Education Training

April 2, 2019

Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs and the Blue Economy, Ambassador Barry Faure delivered the keynote address today, at the launching of the Seminar on Human Rights Education, which took place at the Care House in Victoria.

In his address, Ambassador Faure congratulated the first cohort of twenty Seychellois in their commitment and efforts to undertake the online Human Rights Education Training, organised by the ‘Droits Humains Océan Indien’ and the Australian Government with the purpose of promoting and protecting human rights in Seychelles and in the region.

“We are grateful to the ‘Droits Humains Océan Indien’ for this prestigious initiative and to the Australian Government in the advancement of these efforts. We further recognise the impressive work which this civil society organisation has undertaken in the region in the promotion of a human rights-based culture, particularly in training hundreds of citizens, including in our neighbouring Small Island Developing States.” said the Ambassador.

Ambassador Faure also reiterated the determination of the Seychelles’ government to achieve the full realisation of the effective and efficient fulfillment of human rights both on a national and international level.

On the national level,, he made reference to the new establishment of the National Human Rights Commission and the International Law and Human Rights Unit at the Department of Foreign Affairs.

On the international front, Ambassador Faure added that Seychelles has sought to maintain full cooperation and supported the various human rights agendas of the international community, particularly in the mechanisms of the United Nation’s Human Rights Council.