Press release

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand Bids Farewell

February 22, 2017

The Ambassador for the Kingdom of Thailand, H.E. Mr Prasittiporn Wetprasit, paid a farewell visit to President Danny Faure at State House this morning following a two-year tenure.

President Faure expressed his gratitude to the outgoing Ambassador and described the relations between Seychelles and Thailand as special. He reaffirmed Seychelles’ aspiration that collaboration between the two countries continues to grow and that existing areas of cooperation such as agriculture, tourism, and training continue to develop.

“The work that you have done within the two years is extraordinary, rest assured that the work you have started is valued and that the relationship between our two countries remains solid,” said President Faure.

The President and Ambassador reviewed the various projects and areas of cooperation that the Kingdom of the Republic of Thailand and Seychelles succeeded in developing over the two years, and looked at the opportunities for further advancement.

Speaking to the press after the meeting, Ambassador Wetprasit expressed his satisfaction at the two years of his tenure whereby efforts were focused in increasing technical cooperation and strengthening relations between Seychelles and Thailand primarily in areas such as botanical gardens and coastal management.

“As a result, during my term many high ranking senior officers have visited Thailand. Last month two Ministers from Seychelles, the Minister for Tourism and the Minister for Environment, visited Thailand. Following these visits and the study tour, Seychelles and Thailand will work on technical cooperation projects mainly in Horticulture, Training and Tourism,” said the Ambassador.

The outgoing Ambassador was accompanied on his farewell visit to State House by Mr Joe Chung-Faye, Honorary Consul for the Kingdom of Thailand in Seychelles, and Mr Athikom Daengpun, the First Secretary from the Kingdom of Thailand Embassy in Kenya. Also present was Secretary of State from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Barry Faure, and Diplomatic Adviser to the President, Ambassador Callixte D’Offay.

Ambassador Wetprasit is expected to leave Kenya at the end of March 2017.