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Arrest of Somali pirate Mohamed Garfanji: Positive development for securing maritime space

August 21, 2014

The Government of Seychelles has welcomed the news following the arrest of one of Somalia’s most notorious pirate chiefs, Mohamed Garfanji, responsible for multiple ship hijackings and hostage takings at ransom- including Seychellois nationals.

The Government of Seychelles commends the efforts of the Somali Government after having apprehended the criminal in Mogadishu late on Sunday evening which the Seychellois Government views as a positive step towards ensuring the security of the shared oceanic space of the western Indian Ocean. The arrest of Garfanji is also testament to the concerted efforts of the international community to disrupt the Somali piracy model and end the scourge, which has been plaguing the Indian Ocean since 2005.

Seychelles had issued an International Arrest Warrant that INTERPOL used as the basis for an INTERPOL Red Alert Notice on the pirate kingpin, Mohamed Garfanji. The Seychelles Government had been actively engaged in bringing its efforts to the suspected pirate to justice since he was allegedly responsible for kidnapping and torturing two Seychellois fishermen and hijacking Seychelles flagged ships.

Minister for Home Affairs and Transport, Joël Morgan expressed his satisfaction following the arrest. “This high profile arrest sends a clear message that there shall be no impunity for those who engage in pirate activity and criminals who profit from the suffering of their victims will be brought to justice and suffer the full consequences of their crimes” said Minister Morgan.



Editor Notes:

*Joint Press release Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport And Ministry of Foreign Affairs