Press release

Assistant Director General of ILO calls on VP Meriton

May 9, 2019

In his capacity as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vice-President Meriton, met with the Assistant Director-General and Regional Director of International Labour Organization, Her Excellency Mrs. Cynthia Samuel-Olonjuwon today, 9 May 2019, at Maison Queau de Quincy.

The Vice-President first and foremost shared his appreciation of the Organisation with Her Excellency Mrs. Samuel-Olonjuwon by mentioning their excellent work and vision in their efforts in galvanizing all member states to demonstrate commitments towards promoting rights at work, encouraging decent employment opportunities, enhancing social protection and strengthening dialogue on work-related issues. Whilst thanking Her Excellency for allowing Seychelles to host her team, the Vice President also reassured her that “Seychelles is sparing no effort in addressing the requirements from the ILO”.

Her Excellency Mrs. Samuel-Olonjuwon applauded Seychelles for the efforts invested in the employment domain. “I am pleased with the progress made with conventions such as the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), which is a core instrument for the implementation of the Blue Economy” said Mrs. Samuel-Olonjuwon. Further discussions remained centered around other key issues including mobilization of the youth, capacity building and the modes of increasing productivity.

Seychelles and ILO have established diplomatic relations since 1977 and have collaborated actively ever since.