Press release

Blue Growth key to SIDS development says Seychelles at Samoa meeting

September 2, 2014

Minister for Foreign Affairs Jean-Paul Adam represented Seychelles at a side event held in the margins of the ‘Third International Conference on Small island Developing States’ (SIDS) entitled -‘Blue Growth Initiative and SIDS.’ Minister Adam echoed Seychelles’ call for a unified stance in reclaiming ownership of maritime spaces and its particular importance in maintaining the diversity of SIDS and other nations alike.

Seychelles spearheaded the idea of Blue Growth; one entrenched in the concept off the Blue Economy and co-sponsored the side event with the Governments Netherlands, Grenada, Indonesia and the Food and Agriculture Organisation.

This side event presented the Blue Growth concept and its major components including Capture Fisheries; the Global Aquaculture Advancement Partnership; livelihoods and food systems and Ecosystem Services) at the global, regional and national levels, and highlighted the experiences of countries that have adopted strategies to implement strategies.

Minister Adam spoke in the context of African SIDS noting “we must reclaim ownership of oceans and all nations regardless of geography are inextricably linked to maritime spaces that we share and as such we must create the right frameworks to make them viable for an inclusive idea of the Blue Economy”

SIDS must improve the resilience of the oceans, their fragile ecosystems and maintain their unique aquatic biodiversity as a main enabler in ensuring their continued sustainable use and manage aquatic resources for future generations” said the Minister Adam.