Press release

Bolstering relations between Seychelles and Vietnam for investment opportunities

August 31, 2013

Investment, trade, tourism, and the Blue Economy concept were the focal points of discussion between President James Michel and Prime Minister of Vietnam, H. E Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung at the Grand Hall of the Government’s Office in Hanoi.

The President reiterated his appreciation of the excellent relations shared between the two countries and expressed his wish for greater economic growth and ties with ASEAN, affirming that Seychelles- as a small island nation can provide a bridge for Vietnam to other African countries.

“We would like our brothers from Vietnam not only to look at Seychelles in terms of investment but to look also for further cooperation. Seychelles can be a gateway for Vietnam and the ASEAN countries into Africa. Just like our special relationship with Vietnam, it would open new doors for us to have relations with the ASEAN group,” said President Michel.

Mr. Michel also spoke of areas for new bilateral agreements such as trade, diplomacy, aviation and tourism. 

During this meeting President Michel elaborated on the Blue Economy concept that Seychelles has put at the forefront of its foreign policy and is encouraging other countries to take part.

“Seychelles has been actively promoting the concept of Blue Economy so that we can come up with frameworks to be able to take ownership of our oceans, because we feel that the oceans can provide the means for us to develop further our resources that we have. We look for support from small island states as well as coastal states to ensure that we have possibility to develop sustainable mechanism for us to benefit more from the resources associated with our oceans,” said President Michel.

At this juncture, the President invited a representative from Vietnam to take part in the conference on the Blue Economy to take place in Abu Dhabi, in January next year.

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung noted the positive outcomes of the different meetings that President Michel have held with the Vietnamese leadership as well as the new momentum in cooperation based on the five MoU’s signed during this official visit.

Mr. Dung said that Vietnam will continue to support Seychelles in areas of great potential and strength as well as greater cooperation and coordination at different regional as well as international forums. He also proposed greater efficiency between the two countries relations in trade, to boost investment, tourism, people to people exchange and culture for mutual benefits as well as for the sake of peace and friendship in the region.