Press release

China Signs New Development Grant with Seychelles

December 19, 2011

The People’s Republic of China has today committed 40 million Yuan to the Government of Seychelles.

The grant forms part of an Economic and Technical Cooperation Agreement that was signed earlier today by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Jean-Paul Adam, and the resident Ambassador for China, Mr. Shi Zhongjun, at a ceremony held at the Ministry.

 “This signing marks yet another milestone in our relationship with China, and shows how China is a constant partner of the Seychelles,” said Minister Adam,

“We both believe in people centred development and these types of agreements help us to invest in our people, especially given that Small island Developing States struggle to get affordable access to financing for development projects.”

The Minister added that the agreement represented a continuous working effort of the two countries, and that the money would go towards various ongoing projects that China has been supporting, such as the Les Mamelles housing project, the new Glacis primary school, and the new Supreme Court facilities.

The Chinese Ambassador said he was confident the agreement would enhance the cooperation in economic and technical fields between the two countries.

“Both China and Seychelles are developing countries but China has been developing very quickly and we would like the same for our friend Seychelles,” said the Ambassador.