Press release

China’s Yihai Group Supports Seychelles Disaster Fund

May 22, 2013

Following the January 27-28 disaster that hit Mahe and the call of the Seychelles Embassy in Beijing’s for assistance, Resident Ambassador Philippe Le Gall, acting on behalf of the National Disaster Fund, accepted a donation of 6 washing machines from the chairman of Yihai Group Mrs. Linda Wang.

While being highly engaged in Sinchuan, rebuilding schools after the 2008 earthquake and following the earthquake that struck the central province last month, the Yihai Group Chairman decided to make a gesture of sympathy towards the Seychellois community hit by the January flooding.

“The way you give is as important as what you give and even a small kindhearted donation can do a lot of good,” said Mr. Le Gall to Mrs. Wang, while expressing the thanks of Seychelles Government and the National Disaster Fund for her company’s support.