Press release

Chinese Company Donates 50,000 bed kits to Disaster Fund

May 3, 2013

The Seychelles Embassy in Beijing has accepted a donation of bed kits worth USD85,000 from a Chinese company, the Weihua Group, on behalf of the Seychelles Disaster Fund.

Ambassador Philippe Le Gall accepted the donation in a special ceremony held last week and expressed the sincere gratitude of the Government of Seychelles and of all those who were affected by the January disaster.

Making the donation was Mr Han Xianbao, the President of Weihua Group, one of China’s 500 biggest companies, and a leader in the field of cranes and port development, with a turnover of US$ 840 million.

Also present was Mr Cui Yong’An, Secretary General of China Friendship and Culture Festival. The 50,000 pieces, which consist of pillows and bed sheets, are currently being shipped to Seychelles.