Press release

Climate change at the centre of first Cabinet meeting of the year

January 15, 2015

The Cabinet of Ministers, chaired by President James Michel, held its first meeting of 2015 today.

The President and the Cabinet of Ministers considered several issues of national importance, including the future projections of climate change and sea-level rise in Seychelles and the impact on the coastal areas of the islands in the medium to long term.

The Cabinet reviewed reports of studies conducted in Seychelles between 2011-2013, and the implications they have for planning and mitigation efforts.

The Cabinet discussed the integration of sea-level rise projections  in national planning exercises.

“We must prepare ourselves for the eventualities of our coastlines being heavily impacted by climate change, and reinforce our mitigation and protection efforts. At the same time, now more than ever, we must ensure the UNFCC talks in Paris this year produce a legally binding agreement that will slow down climate change, and prevent the significant sea-level rise that threatens the survival of our islands,” said President Michel, who currently holds the portfolio for environment and energy.

The Cabinet also discussed  an imminent project for the creation of a climate change training centre of excellence , in partnership between the Division of Disaster Risk Management, SADC, the University of Seychelles and other partners, to be able to train and educate Seychellois experts in climate change mitigation.

Editor’s note:

– The Principal Secretary for Environment and Energy, Mr. Wills Agricole, may be contacted for media interview