Press release

Commonwealth conducting strategic national oceans assessment in Seychelles

January 24, 2014

Commonwealth Adviser on Ocean’s Governance, Dr Julian Roberts is currently on a scoping mission in the Seychelles following the Blue Economy summit in Abu Dhabi to begin conducting a strategic national oceans assessment for the Seychelles on implementing a ‘blue economy’ in a Small Island Developing State. Dr Roberts met with Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jean-Paul Adam at Maison Queau de Quinssy where they discussed the opportunities that exist to link this work with other international initiatives.

Dr Roberts will be meeting with a number of key ministries during his visit, and is tasked to elaborate a Roadmap indicating the potential pathways for Seychelles to further develop the ‘Blue Economy’ concept. Minister Adam noted “it is an honour to have been recognised by the Commonwealth and demonstrates the confidence that our partners have in our leadership when considering the Blue Economy.”

The Commonwealth is undertaking this work in two of its member states- Seychelles and the Bahamas.