Press release

Congratulatory note sent to Singaporean Prime Minister by President Michel following Election win

September 15, 2015

President James Michel has congratulated the Singaporean Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong following the People’s Action Party’s resounding victory in the country’s General Elections.

In a congratulatory note, President Michel said “this victory is message to the value and trust that the people of Singapore have placed in your leadership. It is also a strong testament to the legacy of the late Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew which has molded Singapore into the beacon of progress and innovation that it represents today.” 

President Michel also spoke of the excellent relationship between Seychelles and Singapore committed to the sustained development of their countries and respective peoples. 

“My Government wishes to build on this concrete foundation, whereby two small states which share the opportunities of the same Indian Ocean and also common challenges, jointly push their agendas forward on the international scene. Seychelles stands ready to make this long-standing partnership which is based on friendship and trust, soar to new heights,” said the President