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Courtesy Call by East Africa Standby Force (EASF) Council of Ministers – “Seychelles committed to fully supporting the mission of EASF”

October 26, 2014

President James Alix Michel met with the Ministers of member countries of the Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF) at State House yesterday. The delegates were in Seychelles for a two-day meeting together with local counterparts.

Welcoming the EASF delegation, President Michel told them that he considered their meeting an important one for the development of the security capabilities of the region. He added that Seychelles would continue to collaborate with the organisation to ensure the realisation of the EASF vision and mandate to promote peace, security and stability.

“Seychelles will continue to give the support required to the organisation to bolster peace and security in our region. The discussions that you’ve had and also the measures that you’ve proposed will certainly strengthen the partnership on the issues of peace and security,” said the President.  “It is essential that all member states take ownership of our region, our continent, our responsibilities, our challenges, so that we can all move forward as one in ensuring peace and security,” stressed President Michel.

The EASF delegation briefed the President on the two-day meeting.  Among the topics discussed was the possibility for further collaboration in the field of security, specifically in relation to the Regional Fusion and Law Enforcement Centre for Safety and Security at Sea (REFLECT 3) and the continued support of Seychelles to the EASF.

In this context, President Michel noted that Seychelles was prepared to continue to enhance its role in combating transnational crime, piracy and other related criminal activities.

The Chairman of the EASF, the Minister of Defence of Rwanda, General James Kabarebe thanked the President for meeting with the EASF members, the hospitality received since their arrival and commended Seychelles for being an active country in bringing peace and security in the region.

“Seychelles has been consistent and contributed actively to the EASF since its inception. For the last ten years the EASF member states have spared no effort in enhancing the operational capacities of the Force, and working collectively to meet the security challenges that the region faces,” said General Kabarebe.

The member countries of EASF are Comoros, Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda and Seychelles.

Editor’s note:

SOURCE: Office of the President: State House


Present at the meeting:

Seychelles side
Minister for Home Affairs and Transport, Mr. Joel Morgan
Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Jean-Paul Adam
The Chief of Defence Forces, Brigadier Leopold Payet
Diplomatic Adviser to the President, Mr. Callixte d’Offay
EASF National focal point and EASF Desk Officer/ Defence Attaché at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lt. Col Edwards Anacoura

EASF Council of Ministers
Minister of Defence of Rwanda, General James Kabarebe
Minister of Defence of Ethiopia, Mr Siraj Fegessa
Cabinet Secretary of Defence of Kenya, Ambassador Raychelle Omamo
State Minister of Defence of Sudan, Lieutenant General Yahia Mohamed Hair
Minister of Defence of Djibouti, Mr Hassan Darar Houffaneh
Permanent Secretary for Defence and War Veterans of Burundi, Brigadier General Miburo Emmanuel
Director of Cabinet in charge of Defence of the Comoros, Mr Hamada Madi
Deputy CDF of Uganda, Lieutenant General Charles Agina
Head of Political Department of EASF, Mr. Benedist Hoareau