Press release

Courtesy Call by His Eminence, Cardinal Maurice Piat

February 27, 2017

President Danny Faure received Cardinal Maurice Piat from Mauritius at State House this morning. His visit to Seychelles coincides with the 125th anniversary of the Diocese of Port Victoria. He was accompanied by the Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Port Victoria, Mgr. Denis Wiehe, and the Diplomatic Advisor to the President, Ambassador Callixte D’offay was also present.

The President congratulated his Eminence for being elevated to the rank of Cardinal by the Holy Father, Pope Francis, and welcomed him to Seychelles. He commended Cardinal Piat for his accomplishment which he said has made everyone in the Indian Ocean proud.

“Your promotion to the high rank of Cardinal is an honour not only to your country, Mauritius, but also to the Catholic Church in the whole of the Indian Ocean.Your visit here coincides with the celebration of the 125 years of the existence of the Diocese of Port Victoria and it is an honour to have you here to launch this important event. I thank you for visiting Seychelles and your visit comes at an opportune time, in the history of Seychelles, when the country is focusing on unity, national healing and reconciliation. May your visit here inspire us and your words of wisdom reach into each and every home here in Seychelles. I am pleased to inform you that my Government fully supports the work of the Seychelles Inter-Faith Council (SIFCO). The Government of Seychelles has much respect for the role of religion in our society and we appreciate the importance of having different religious denominations coming together and working for the betterment of society as a whole. In that respect, the work that the Seychelles Inter-Faith Committee (SIFCO) is doing in Seychelles is crucial,” said President Faure.

The President and Cardinal Piate discussed issues of common interest in the region such as drug prevention and rehabilitation, alcohol abuse, family values, religious values, national unity and reconciliation as well as the setting up of a Ministry for the ‘family’.  President Faure also shared the good relations he has with Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Port Victoria, Mgr. Denis Wiehe, and how the government and the Seychelles Inter-Faith Council (SIFCO) are working together in uniting Seychelles, making positive changes and moving the country forward.

Speaking to the national media after his meeting, Cardinal Piate said that he is happy to be here to celebrate this auspicious occasion with the Roman Catholic followers. He also praised the President for the work that he is doing in bringing national unity and reconciliation to Seychelles.

“I am impressed by the vision of President Faure in bringing national unity among the Seychellois people. Yes there are changes going on at the political landscape which is normal and healthy for the democracy. It is important that you all work together with mutual interest to the best interests of the Seychellois people,” said Cardinal Piate.

Apart from meeting President Faure, Cardinal Maurice Piat will also be meeting Vice-President Meriton. He will also visit La Digue and Praslin and hold a mass at the St. Joseph Church on Praslin.  The Cardinal will conduct a mass on February 26 at the Cathedral of th Immaculate Conception and will meet with religious followers on Monday to speak on the theme ‘Viv Lespri Mizerikord’ at La Domus.