Press release

Department of Foreign Affairs attends presentation on the Blue Economy Roadmap

March 21, 2019

Vice-President Meriton, the Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs and of the Blue Economy, Ambassador Barry Faure and all senior officers of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) attended a presentation today on the Blue Economy Roadmap presented by the Department of the Blue Economy.

Being one of the key stakeholders of the Department of the Blue Economy, the main aims of the presentation to the DFA were to provide an overview on the content of the Blue Economy roadmap. The roadmap, which was approved by Government on January 31, 2018, presents strategic opportunities and achievements and challenges being encountered by the Blue Economy Department.

Overall the presentation was well received and sensitized the staff of the DFA, which is additionally the sister department of the Blue Economy, on the actual status of the Blue Economy in Seychelles.