Press release

Department of Health issues New Press Update on COVID-19

March 18, 2020

As of 11am today Wednesday 18th March 2020:

  • There are 4 positive cases of COVID-19 receiving treatment at the Isolation Centre at the Anse Royale Health Centre. All patients are doing well.
  • There are 4 suspected cases being tested. They are 3 foreigners & 1 Seychellois. They have been admitted to the Isolation Centre.
  • There are 8 persons in quarantine. This includes 2 children.
  • 1 person has been discharged from the isolation centre after testing negative for COVID-19.
  • Contact tracing has recorded 121 contact and they are under follow up. They have already recorded 18 contacts who have left the country
  • All 11 school children and their teachers have been followed up by contact tracing and they are well.