Press release

Donations received from Honorary Consul in support of Seychellois Children participating in International Children’s Festival in Turkey

March 13, 2014

For a second consecutive year, under the guidance of the Seychelles Ambassador for Women and Children’s Affairs, Dr. Erna Athanasius, 12 talented Seychellois children are yet again preparing to participate in an International Children’s Festival (ICF), this time the 36th International Children’s Festival in Gaziantep, Turkey, from the 16th to the 23rd April 2014.

Seychelles Honorary Consul in Tanzania, Ms Maryvonne Pool who has been a faithful partner since the inception of the idea last year, generously offered her support once more. At a small handing over ceremony at the Honorary Consul presented items to Ambassador Athanasius, in the Ambassador’s offices at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs annex. These items include t-shirts for the children and the 2 team leaders, as well as banners for the advertising of the Fund Raiser Musical show that will be held at the ICCS on the 29th March 2014, by the group Amigos.

The Handing over of items was done in the presence of the children participating in the ICF and members of the local organising committee.

The Seychellois children will undoubtedly showcase their talent and demonstrate that regardless of the country’s relatively small size, they have volumes to offer. The ICF provides a platform where children from different countries can strengthen their friendship and love for one another, essentially preparing them for a future of peace in the world.

Ambassador Athanasius and her local organising committee, sought sponsorship from the Seychelles business community and other partners, to facilitate the travels of the children to Turkey and the Committee has been touched by the response and is immensely grateful for the support and pledges it has received so far from some institutions, organizations, companies and individuals, and that it would like to encourage others to follow suit and come forward to support this noble cause.


Editors Notes:


The names of the children participating and representing Seychelles in the International Children’s Festival are a follows



Curtis Nourrice

Franchesco Boniface

Gino Marie

Tyrone Donnie Adelaide

Dean Ethan Ryan Etienne

Sheldon Bouzin



Sterra Labrosse

Maryssa Samedi

Ishia Valentin

Raphaela Brutus

Amelie Volcy