Press release


September 9, 2010

The President has visited the Seychelles Tourism Board offices in Victoria and Bel Ombre to see the existing facilities, to see how the staff are working, and to give them support for the development of the Seychelles Brand.

The President was accompanied by the Secretary of State and Chairman of STB, Mr. Barry Faure, and the Chief Executive Officer of STB, Mr. Alain St. Ange.

“I think it is important that the STB staff become the drivers of the Seychelles Brand to ensure that Seychelles continues to improve its image and to encourage visitors to visit us, especially to see our own way of life; in harmony, in peace, which is very important for the development of the tourism industry,” said President Michel.

“ We need to live the brand, we need to make the brand a reality. The Seychelles Brand is a bridge between the Creole culture, our melting pot, with other cultures and civilizations. This will make Seychelles shine, but we need to nurture it and refine it.”

The President said that he was impressed with the work that STB is doing, and he thanked all the staff for their dedication and professionalism in the workplace.

“ Three years ago, the world experienced a severe recession. Many countries were affected, particular in the travel sector. Seychelles was able to survive this period through the hard work of STB, as well as the synergy of the tourism trade and government. I congratulate the staff of the STB for the excellent work they are doing.”

The President said that STB was experiencing several constraints in relation to its location, and that the STB Board would be considering the best use of the STB facilities, their location and their efficacy.

Mr. Michel said that STB will consider several options of relocating some of its offices to other more central areas of Victoria, depending on the needs of the organisation.