Press release


July 9, 2010

President James Michel has met with Seychellois FIFA World Cup referee Eddy Maillet on his return from South Africa, where he officiated for two World Cup matches.

“Eddy, I congratulate you on your participation in the football World Cup, it is an incredible achievement for you and for Seychelles. It is the crowning moment of your career, and the people of Seychelles are very proud of you,” said President Michel, who is also the Patron of the Seychelles Football Federation.

Eddy Maillet spoke to the President about the challenges and excitement of refereeing the Chile-Honduras game as well as the Paraguay-Slovakia game. He spoke to him about the latest developments in refereeing within the FIFA organisation.

The President also discussed the development of football in Seychelles and the opportunities for bringing the game to a higher standard.

“ Eddy Maillet is a pioneer in his sporting career, and he has much to contribute to the development of professional football in Seychelles. He is an ambassador of Seychelles sports and has made his mark on the world stage with his passion and dedication.”

The President wished Eddy Maillet every success in his future refereeing events.