Press release

Esbern Snare hands over suspected pirates to the Seychelles

December 2, 2013

The kingdom of Denmark has reached an agreement with the Republic of Seychelles that the nine suspected pirates who had been detained on ‘Esbern Snare’ since 10 November 2013 can be transferred to the Seychelles for prosecution. The transfer was completed on Saturday afternoon. The suspected pirates were detained by the naval vessel ‘Esbern Snare’ after the attack on a Chinese merchant vessel and the Danish-flagged vessel Torm Kansas. Defense Minister of the Kingsom of Denmark, Nicolai Wammen welcomes the agreement and the prosecution of the detained pirates who attacked the Danish ship earlier this month.

Defense Minister Nicolai Wammen states “With the transfer of the nine suspected pirates to Seychelles , we have once again shown that the Danish and the international efforts in the Horn of Africa work and make a significant difference. I am pleased and grateful that the Seychelles will assume such a great responsibility for combating piracy in the region. It is the third time that the Seychelles has agreed to accept pirates detained by Denmark. We have a very good partnership with the Seychelles, which also serves as the base for our Challenger aircraft when it like our naval vessels is part of NATO’s counter-piracy operation Ocean Shield.”

Minister for Home Affairs and Transport of the Republic of Seychelles, Mr. Joel Morgan reiterated the close ties and cooperation which exist between the Kingdom of Denmark and the Republic of Seychelles. Minister Morgan stated “the international community should be aware of the gains made in the fight against piracy but should not loose sight of the veritable threat that Somali piracy still poses. Minister Morgan also called upon “regional states to also take their share of the burden of prosecutions and incarceration of Somali pirates which is paramount in ensuring stability and enduring security in the Western Indian Ocean maritime space.”

The Danish public prosecutor had previously estimated that the suspected pirates could not be put on trial in Denmark.


Note: Joint statement of the Kingdom of Denmark and Republic of Seychelles