Press release

Extraordinary COMESA Intergovernmental Committee Meeting by Video Conferencing

May 13, 2020
Given the COVID 19 pandemic affecting the region and the world, the COMESA Secretariat decided to call for an extraordinary Intergovernmental Committee (IC) meeting, held on 12th May 2020, at the Department of Foreign Affairs.
Among items discussed where measures to facilitate the movement of goods and services across the COMESA region during the COVID 19 pandemic, as well as solidarity and mitigation of austerity measures.
Ms. Amanda Padayachy, Director General for International Cooperation and Regional Integration Division at the Department of Foreign Affairs, headed the Seychelles delegation at the IC Meeting. Other delegates were Mr. Charles Morin, Chief Negotiator for Trade Agreements from the Trade Department, Mr. Jacques Belle, Director General for Protocol, Consular and Maritime Affairs Division at the Department of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Jean-Paul d’Offay, Director for Regional Integration and Mr. Marco Larsen, COMESA Desk Officer.