Press release


March 12, 2020

False news report

The public is informed, that the information posted on website has been marked as false and the website in question, has been contacted to rectify this issue. The Department of Health would also take this opportunity to advise members of the public to read credible sources e.g. WHO, or to always verify their information before making assumptions and sharing widely. We remain committed to provide correct information to our people and it is not in our interest to hide any information.

Thus far, we have recorded no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Seychelles.

Thank you.

Manm piblik i ganny enformen, ki lenformasyon kin ganny poste lo sit web i pa korek e younit kominikasyon dan Departman Lasante in kontakte sa sit web an kestyon, pour rektifye sa problenm. An menm tan, Departman Lasante i oule averti manm piblik pour rod lenformasyon kot bann sours kredib legzanp, lo sit web OMS oubyen pour toultan verifye zot lenformasyon avan sirkile. I pa dan nou lentere pour kasyet lenformasyon a nenport moman.

Ziska prezan, Sesel pa ankor rikord okenn ka COVID-19 dan pei.