Press release


October 16, 2012

The Russian Ambassador to the Republic of Seychelles, H.E. Mikail Ivanovich Kalinin, has paid a farewell call on President James Michel at State House this morning following a three year tenure in Seychelles.

President James Michel thanked Ambassador Kalinin for the support and effort he has personally gave during his mandate, especially in the fight against piracy whereby he provided support and collaboration of the Russian Navy.

“I would like to thank you for all your support during your tenure, particularly in the fight against piracy as the Russian Navy patrols have been part of our partnership to combat the maritime threat. Your work has also been instrumental to develop the friendship and cooperation between our two countries, and has improved our already excellent relations,” said President Michel.

Ambassador Kalinin took the opportunity to highlight what he has been able to accomplish while in post, such as the visits of four Russian warships to the Port of Victoria following a 20 year absence, who also participated in the anti-piracy operations along the coast of Somalia, as well as in the “Carneval de Victoria.”

“Russia highly appreciates what Seychelles is doing against the fight of piracy and we will always be at your disposal to help in any we can and further see how we can curb this threat in the region,” said Ambassador Kalinin.

Mr. Kalinin also mentioned that an Association of Friendship between Seychelles and Russia had been established here and the same Russia-Seychelles friendship society has been set up in Russia and that they will be coming to Seychelles  soon for further meetings with counterpart organisations here.

As further achievements, he informed that very soon Seychelles will be able to export its fish to the Russian market now that the Russian government will be granting four Seychellois enterprises permits to export to the Russian market. Ambassador Kalinin wished that such progress will help increase the trade exchange between the two countries.

President Michel congratulated Ambassador Kalinin in his new post and success in all his endeavours.

Editor’s Note:

  • Russian tourists are one of the highest growing markets for the Seychelles tourism industry. This year the record 10,000 arrival mark has been achieved, which so far represents 53% increase from arrivals from last year.
  • The Deputy Commander of the Russian Navy Main Staff, Rear Admiral Vasily Lyashok and his delegation visited Seychelles in December 2011, and expressed essing the willingness of the Russian Navy to assist Seychelles in the fight against piracy. This was followed by the visit of the Russian Anti-Submarine warship ‘Admiral Tributs’ earlier this year in  2012 in Port Victoria.
  • In June 2010: Yuri Abramovich Bashmet, a world renowned Russian violist, performed  in Seychelles on the occasion the Russian Federation National Day and also December 2011as part of a Classical Music Christmas Festival. He is expected to return to Seychelles in December this year.
  • The Government of the Russian Federation has provided a number of scholarships to Seychellois students for university study as well as technical support for Indian Ocean Games and experts for training in the boxing sporting field.