Press release

First Celebration in Cuba of Seychelles National Day

July 10, 2019

For the first time, since the opening of the Seychelles Embassy in Cuba in April 2017, the Seychelles National Day was celebrated in Havana in a reception held on 1st July 2019, in Salon 4 estaciones of Club Habana.

Hosted by Ambassador Lalatiana Accouche, the event was honoured by the presence of the Minister President of the Central Bank of Cuba, H.E. Mrs. Irma Margaret Martinez Castrillon and the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.E Mrs. Ana Teresita Gonzalez Fraga. A large number of heads of missions, diplomats, government officials and presidents and representatives of several bodies and businesses also attended the evening.

In her speech, Ambassador Accouche reviewed the Seychelles political and socio-economic situation and the achievements made for the past 43 years, without ignoring the past, present and future challenges.

Talking about the significant role being played by Seychelles in the protection of the environment and its leadership in the blue economy issue, Ambassador Accouche pointed out that all these efforts are not only for Seychelles benefits, as a vulnerable small island state, but for the world and future generations.

In outlining the great values that Seychelles Government attaches to its relations with Cuba, Ambassador Accouche, on behalf of the Seychelles authority, expressed Government’s gratitude for all assistance provided by Cuba, in particular in the health and education fields.

Seychelles and Cuba established diplomatic relations in April 1978.