Press release

First consultation by new Minister of Finance, Trade and the Blue Economy with Chamber of Commerce

February 13, 2015

Minister of Finance, Trade and the Blue Economy, Jean-Paul Adam, has engaged in a first informal discussion with the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Marco Francis, with a view to exchange ideas on how best to tackle Seychelles economic challenges and make the most of its opportunities.

?The Government is very engaged with the private sector in terms of finding mutually supportive solutions that will bring more growth and inclusivity into our economy- I am pleased to have had this first discussion with the Chairman and look forward to further engagement with the Chamber as a whole? the Minister stated following the meeting.

Minister Adam and Mr. Francis shared ideas in particular on how to best support the pillars of the economy- the tourism sector, fisheries and the revamping of the financial services sector.?

They discussed ways in which the government and the private sector could support each other to make the tourism industry more competitive and bring more benefits to the country.?

The Minister took the opportunity to brief the Chamber on his new portfolio of the Blue Economy, which was aimed at enhancing coordination in the development of marine based resources, of fostering innovation and new products and services centred around the ocean, while also exploring ways of bringing more value from our fisheries resources.

In the financial services sector, the government and private sector have already agreed the need to redevelop the strategic direction of the sector, bringing in new products and services while reinforcing compliance, transparency and governance of the sector.

?We need to bring additional services to our clients beyond the registration of companies- and I think Seychelles is well placed to do that.? To be successful we must also ensure the highest level of compliance and enforcement against those that seek to tarnish our good image?, the Minister reflected.

Minister Adam also indicated that he would work closely with the new Minister for Investment, Entrepreneurship Development and Business Innovation, Michael Benstrong, to support ways in which the Seychelles private sector could develop new products and services to accelerate wealth creation.


Editors Notes:

  • The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Transport will temporarily be issuing communications on behalf of the Ministry of Finance, Trade and the Blue Economy.