Press release

First “Journee Du Souvenir Pondicherry-Seychelles” celebrated in India

September 6, 2018

More than 500 guests filled the auditorium of the University of Pondicherry on 27 August to mark the first “Journée du Souvenir Pondicherry-Seychelles” organized by the High Commission of Seychelles in India and Seychelles’ Honorary Consulate in Chennai, with the support of the University and the Chamber of Commerce of Puducherry, as well as the Indian Association of Seychelles represented by its Chairman Mr Ramu Pillay and a delegation of Seychellois of Indian origin.

The program of this special celebration was aimed at remembering the five Indians who reached Seychelles on 27th August 1770 as part of the first group of settlers. The event included a wreath laying ceremony by High Commissioner Philippe Le Gall.

In his address, after expressing Seychelles’ compassion and support towards the victims of the recent natural disaster in Kerala, Mr Le Gall highlighted the duty to remember all first settlers, including these five Indians and all other migrants who came to Seychelles from Puducherry and Tamil Nadu, as well as Gujarat later on, and contributed to the development of the country, joining efforts with communities of different origins: European, African and Asian who, step by step, adopted the Creole identity as the best common option to promote Seychelles’ unity.

During the official opening, an Assistant Professor of the University of Pondicherry made a historic narration on the “Indian Diaspora in Seychelles” and contacts were established with Seychelles National Archives to get some historic data on this topic.