Press release

First National Stakeholders meeting to be held on Blue Economy

November 26, 2014

President James Michel will officially open the National Stakeholder Dialogue on the Blue Economy which will be held between 9th-10th December 2014 at the International Conference Centre,’ for discussions of the relevance to the development of Seychelles in the context of the Blue Economy.

As a matter of policy the Government of Seychelles is seeking to explore the full potential of its Blue Economy and brings it to the forefront of the national agenda to promote and invite public discourse on the matter.

“Seychelles has been at the forefront in pushing the Blue Economy concept onto the agenda of the international community as a recognition of the priorities of Small Island Developing States. Through the Blue Economy we are Large Ocean Nations. Seychelles has always recognised the importance of our ocean to our development and this is reflected in many of the strategic investments we have made to develop fisheries for example. But it is clear that we need further innovation and transformation to empower our people to take up these new opportunities. This conference is the opportunity for the Seychellois people to lead this Blue Economy Revolution,” said President Michel.

The Blue Economy is a concept whose principles are mutually aligned and supportive of that of the Green Economy. It offers innumerable development potentials and specific mechanisms for Small Islands Developing States (SIDS) and coastal states to successfully address the sustainability development challenges through the sustainable use of the potentials of their respective Exclusive Economic Zones of their respective oceans.

The National Stakeholders Dialogue will seek to inform all stakeholders as well as sensitize all parties on the strides being made in all sectors involved in the Blue Economy and to give insight on the continued development potentials of these sectors.

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jean-Paul Adam noted, “our engagement with the international community has ensured that we have the support to develop the innovation we need to develop our Blue Economy. We are very grateful for the technical expertise of the Commonwealth that will help us to develop our national blue economy roadmap through this conference and beyond. And this conference will ensure that the aspirations of the Seychellois people are reflected in this roadmap.”

The two-day conference will also encourage pragmatic approaches, identify possible conflicts and propose resolutions by promoting dialogue between the various stakeholders in key thematic fields pertaining to the Blue Economy. Those are primarily in: fisheries, aquaculture, marine biotechnology, sustainable marine resource exploitation and marine spatial planning, as to find common ground and tangible ways in which the Blue Economy can benefit Seychelles.

Minister for Natural Resources, Peter Sinon emphasised that the National Dialogue on the Blue Economy will provide platform to diversify economic activity for greater gain whilst protecting fragile marine eco-systems.

Minister Sinon remarked “the bold, determined and aggressive embrace and promotion of the Blue Economy concept by President Michel is today bearing fruits. The global community has awoken to the vast potentials of our living and resourceful oceans. As custodians of 1.3 million square kilometers of Exclusive Economic Zone, we remain resolute to sustainably diversify our economic activities and increase our returns. The Blue Economy is a new exciting frontier. Seychelles is posed with like-minded partners to ride on this relatively new wave of sustainable economic opportunity with the same care and credibility that we currently enjoy when it comes to respect for nature and environment.”

The organisers of the event would kindly request that those wishing to attend, fill a registration form and submit it to the Seychelles Fishing Authority before the 2nd of December 2014.


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