Press release

Following London terror attack President Faure expresses deep sorrow to United Kingdom

June 4, 2017

Following a second act of terror in as many weeks in the United Kingdom, six people lost their lives in an act of terrorism as a vehicle deliberately hit pedestrians on the London Bridge and the assailants proceeded by stabbing victims in Borough Market. 

President Danny Faure has expressed his deep sorrow and grief in a message addressed to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on behalf of the Government and people of the Republic of Seychelles. In his message President Faure said that yet again this callous act of terror sought to instill fear and strike at the very heart of British values of freedom, liberty and openness. President Faure further remarked that Seychelles continues to stand with the British people during these vicious periods and was certain that the indomitable spirit of the Britons would vanquish this terror and rise above the perpetuation of hate by these groups of terror. 

President Faure reiterated to Her Majesty that the thoughts and prayers of all of Seychelles are with the families of the bereaved and with the United kingdom.