Press release

Foreign Affairs appoints three new Honorary Consuls representing Seychelles abroad

April 28, 2023

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism – Foreign Affairs Department has recently appointed three new Honorary Consuls representing Seychelles abroad.

Among the recently appointed is a Seychelles national, Mr. Arnold Chetty, whose Consulate is based in Brisbane, Australia, with jurisdiction over the State of Queensland.  Mr Chetty who was officially confirmed in post in October 2022 by the Australian Government, is a well-known businessman and has lived in the Gold Coast for the past 12 years. Mr Chetty who happens to have previous consular experience as the Honorary Consul for the Royal Kingdom of Norway in Seychelles (for 18 years), is also the first ever Consular representative for the Republic of Seychelles in Brisbane, Australia.

Mr. Kabilan Muniandy is Seychelles’ new Honorary Consul in Malaysia.  Mr. Muniandy’s appointment took effect in February 2023.  Well known among the Seychelles and Malaysian education institutions, Mr. Kabilan has been a pillar for the ongoing exchange scholarship programs for Seychellois students to further their studies at university level in Malaysia.  Mr. Kabilan replaces Mr. Kan Chen Jeng, former Honorary Consul who retired in 2020.

Both Seychelles Consulates in Australia and Malaysia fall under the jurisdiction of the Foreign Affairs Head Office in Victoria, Seychelles.

Denmark also welcomes a new Honorary Consul for Seychelles.  Mr. Erik Østergaard is the second Seychelles Consular representative in Denmark, following the service of Mrs. Charlotte Mumksgaard which ended in 2007.  A very prominent businessman, Mr. Østergaard took on his new role, officially as of the 1st February 2023.  The Seychelles Consulate in Denmark falls under the jurisdiction of the London High Commission.

The Department wishes all the newly appointed Honorary Consuls the very best in their new posts.