Press release

Foreign Affairs warns Seychellois to respect the law of the country wherever they may be

September 20, 2018

The Seychelles Government reminds the Seychellois to respect the law of the land wherever they may be. It does not tolerate any illegal activities that Seychellois may be involved in, including when travelling overseas. These activities only serve to tarnish the good image of our Country and law abiding citizens in Seychelles or living and /or travelling overseas.

The Department of Foreign Affairs makes it clear that it will only provide consular assistance in accordance with its means, to ensure that Seychellois are properly and fairly represented in overseas jurisdiction.

The Department of Foreign Affairs takes the opportunity to release this statement admidst report of a Seychellois convicted in a Dubai court for possession of heroin.

The Seychelles Government further maintains its stance on ‘zero tolerance’ for possession and use of illegal drugs and anyone caught overseas in possession of such illegal drugs will have to tend to the consequences and abide by the law of that country.