Press release

Foreign Minister Champions the Innovative Spirit of Seychelles and Mauritius at MCCI Gala

March 13, 2012

The Seychelles Foreign Minister has applauded the resilience and innovation of Seychelles and Mauritius in a special address to members of the Mauritian Chambers of Commerce and Industry at their annual Gala dinner in Mauritius yesterday evening.

A the invitation of the MCCI, Minister Jean-Paul Adam spoke of the strength of small island states in the Indian Ocean and the need to continually build on those strengths for the benefit of the region as a whole despite the challenges of being intrinsically linked to the global economy.

“In times of economic turbulence such as these, there is a tendency to write off smaller economies such as Mauritius and Seychelles.  There has been more than one economist that has staked his reputation on claims that neither country could be economically viable after independence… however, the resilience that both countries have displayed in the face of such turbulence, makes any such debate practically redundant,” said the Minister,

“Nonetheless the concern that is ever present both for governments, and for the private sector, is that our island economies are so intrinsically connected to the global economy, that either the euro-zone crisis, or the price of oil, are sure to bring about chaos and mayhem at any point… It is clear however, that any success that our respective islands have achieved is when the Government and the private sector are able to work together effectively as partners.”

In addition to convey his belief in the successful collaboration of the Vanilla Islands, Minister Adam also spoke of Seychelles’ reform experience stating that “with every crisis, there is also an opportunity” and that now, when faced with worsening global conditions, the two islands must work together to ensure that they maximise those opportunities:

“As the world energy crisis persists, we will need to explore more options for renewable energy- and particularly economic models that make such energy viable. As the Eurozone crisis persists, we will have to be more innovative in our approach to tourism.  As commodity prices continue to increase around the world, we need to connect our islands more than ever before to bring about new opportunities for a new generation of traders and businessmen… But as long as our region continues to embrace innovation and share ideas- our potential will continue to shine through.”

Minister Adam was invited as the guest speaker at the annual dinner in the run-up to President James Michel’s visit to Mauritius as the Guest of Honour for their 44th National Day.

During this visit, President Michel is also expected to sign a historic agreement with the Government of Mauritius demarcating the extended continental shelf claim between two states.