Press release

Former President Rene joins Seychellois in mourning Mandela

December 10, 2013

Following the death of President Nelson Mandela, and on the occasion of the state memorial service being held in his honour in Soweto today, Former President France Albert Rene has joined the people of Seychelles in expressing heartfelt condolences in a message addressed to President Jacob Zuma and the people of South Africa.

President Rene recalled the historic moment where he had the honour to attend his inauguration in 1994, as the first democratically elected leader of a free South Africa.

When forming his own party- the Seychelles People’s United Party (SPUP), with the aim of achieving independence, and more investment in the development of the Seychellois people, President Rene and the SPUP sought inspiration from the struggle led by President Nelson Mandela with great dignity and determination.  Additionally, the SPUP and the African National Congress (ANC) proudly stood side by side in the efforts of our continent to achieve long lasting freedom and equality.

President Rene remarked “Seychelles continues to prioritise people centered development, and our People’s Party (the current name of our SPUP) continues to see the message of President Nelson Mandela as an expression of our shared objective of a society based on equality and social harmony.”

President Rene noted that the fight led by President Mandela for a free South Africa was also a fight for the African continent, and the fight for a freer and fairer world.  Seychelles is proud to have contributed to this fight in its own way.

To conclude, Former President Rene stated “Even now, after President Mandela has left us, we are proud to continue to participate in the journey of freedom which he mapped for us.”